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Taqueria Los Portales 



Taqueria Los Portales is a quick, casual restaurant. Perfect for customers in a hurry at lunch time that just needs a quick meal as for those looking for a great traditional Mexican dinner with fast service in a family friendly atmosphere!




Everything started in La Taqueria El Jagüique in Degollado, Jalisco when Enrique Villaseñor was selling tacos to feed his four kids Fernando, Miguel, Maribel, and Ramón. 


The four siblings emigrated to the USA in 1994. For a couple years they were working for Mexican restaurants in the area and in 1998 they decided to follow their Father's legacy, and also his authenticity, and provide to Wilmington a place to enjoy the tradition of Mexico. This is how Los Portales opened in 2006, offering authentic Mexican Food in Kerr Avenue.  




The variety of meats to prepare the tacos has been the characteristic that sets apart this taqueria from other Mexican restaurants. Incorporating twelve different types of meat such as cheek, tongue, pork rinds, buche and tripe, just to mention some of the most unique and popular in Mexico. They also have more common meats known here in the USA such as steak, beef, chicken, and chorizo. There is also a variety of toppings and salsas for the tacos at the extensive salsa bar.



The Villaseñor brothers decided to fulfill the dream to offer traditional Mexican food by adding to the menu dishes from different regions of Mexico. Los Portales is delighting consumers with dishes like Huarache, Tortas, Quesadillas and Sopas (soups) like Menudo, Pozole, Caldo de Res, Caldo de Mariscos, desserts, micheladas and free drink refills of the most traditional and healthy drinks, Horchata and Tamarindo waters. 


Tortillas are made daily in the family's tortillería (Supermercado Los Portales)  without preservatives and made by Mexican hands!


The staff is always friendly and respectful. They come from different regions of Mexico and Guatemala. They are truly hard workers! 



Taqueria los Portales is also the perfect place for soccer fans. The restaurant is decorated with info, tips, jerseys and items related to soccer around the world and Taqueria Los Portales also provides televised broadcastings of games played all around the world including European and American Leagues.



Stop by TAQUERIA LOS PORTALES today and grab some authenticos tacos!

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